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Default Cancelling a disaster that affects every character

Hello. First time poster, quite new to the game.

We were playing a 5 player game of Munchkin Apocalypse last night, and the seal 'History Repeats Itself' was opened (which stipulates that the last 'Disaster' card played hits every player).

I was a Militia (allowing a disaster to be cancelled if two cards are discarded), another of the party had a Disaster Proof Tent (which stipulates that you can 'avoid the effects' of a disaster), and another member had a card that, if played immediately, 'cancelled the disaster'.

So, the seal was opened, the first player played the Tent, and was able to avoid the effects. I then discarded two cards, in the belief that the disaster wouldn't affect me. Another then played his card to cancel the disaster, again in the hope that it wouldn't affect him.

Since this is an unusual case, as the disaster is hitting every player, does one player cancelling the disaster cancel it for just their character or for the entire party (every character)?

We disagreed, arguments ensued and persist.

Thanks in advance :)
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