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Default Re: GURPS Technical Grappling Max Control Points

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
I'm confused. What is the maximum control points? Is it equal to Trained-ST, or Trained-ST multiplied as per the Grip ST Table?

So a ST 10 character with no skills using one hand has a 5 CP max. With two hands 10 CP. If he is using two arms and a leg it is 11 CP, and two arms+two legs it is 15?

How about extra limbs, do they have the 'diminishing returns' on Trained-ST and max CP as well by the way?

Does a 4-armed dude have 20 CP ((two arms, ST*1) + (0.5*2, 2x Extra Arms))? Or is it diminished similar to Two Hands & Two Legs, and lands at 14 or something?

How about characters who can grapple with their torso, like a snake-person? If we have a ST 10 snek-medusa grappling a person with two hands and her snake-torso does it end up as ST 20 ((two arms, ST*1) + (0.5*2, 2x Extra Arms)), or something similar to Two Hands & Two Legs again?
2013 version: use whatever Grip ST you calculate given the limbs you're using. Adding more limbs is a way of increasing control, and it usually comes at a penalty (adding your legs means you're committed to being prone).

2020 version: Oh my God what was I thinking? Control Max is just Lifting ST, modified by bonuses to ST for Wrestling or Sumo or whatever.

There are more than a few things that seemed like a good idea as I was writing it in 2012 or so that I'd do differently now.
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