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Default Re: Spell categories by Magery

Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
So settle for +3 DX for all the physical types and +3 IQ for the intellectuals. Obviously the Mages start with their own IQ. This gives everyone in the party the equivalent of +60 Character Points. Sure, they're temporary (but not really in most adventures) and can be removed because they're magical, which might matter sometimes, but that's still a ton of capability that's gained by use of something (RPM and the points put into it) that is also very useful in other ways.

Magic has spells that boost attributes. Boosts to IQ don't affect spell casting. Funny, that.
IQ boosted by RPM won't benefit RPM. You can't use magic to get better with magic.

But this is off topic. There's another category of spells - those that require high IQ, Per or other stats. What about those?
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