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Default Re: Diffuse body of swarm with scatter enhancement, and AOE attacks (Mainly Explosion

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Calculating area is pretty simple, actually.

The Body of Swarm is spread out over a radius of R. That's an area of πR^2. The attack has a radius of r. That's an area of πr^2. The ratio of areas is πr^2/πR^2, which simplifies to r^2/R^2, or if you prefer, to (r/R)^2.

So, for example, if the swarm has radius 100 yards, and the explosion has radius 20 yards, the fraction of damage is (20/100)^2 = 0.2^2 = 0.04.
ok, That simplifies calculations pretty well.

but what about implementing it? how does that work? do you have to roll damage for each and every one of those hexes? and then multiply damage by the resulting Fraction?

the area isnt so much the problem to calculate. theres the 3r^2-3r+1 equation for calculating number of hexes in a given radius etc. My biggest issue is how i am supposed to apply the fractionary area and therefore fractionary "normal Damage as the books put it"

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