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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
The baggy legwarmers on the other hand were just an attempt to balance out the incredibly baggy sweater/tunic with the tight waist belt struggling to define your middle in there somewhere. Same opaque tights, no miniskirt (the huge sweater/tunic serves as a short dress), and without either huge boots or the baggy legwarmers, your legs would look like ridiculous pipe cleaners holding up a melting egg.

It all made some sense. It was also all very stupid looking. :D
As another 80's child, I'd say it was totally awesome!

I know, I know, I'm a grown man, I shouldn't use the word "awesome". Just to add to the legwarmers thing, it made the thighs look slender and left the calves to the imagination, much as boots do at the moment. They also were a reference to the pro-dancer thing that gave us movies/shows like Grease and Fame. Oh, and Flashdance.
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