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Default Re: Campaign Space-tech Paradigms

Originally Posted by Figleaf23 View Post

{*At TL9 I see it taking an acceleration of several months to get sufficiently close to C. Then TL10 (the local space standard) improvements, in the jump drive and normal drives both, bring that down to about a couple of weeks.}
Unless "several months" is about 10 or 11 you're not going to get very close to lightspeed with 1 G of constant acceleration.

You'll also need a superscience drive to do accelerate that fast for that long. To cut things down to a couple of weeks you're going to have to toss in even more powerful drives with acceleration compensation.

You're also going to be smack in the middle of the "planetbuster" zone of kinetic energy weapons unless this is a pseudovelocity drive.

You can do all this if you want of course but you're taking on a fair bit of baggage that I don't conisder really necessary.
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