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Default Re: Campaign Space-tech Paradigms

(1a) The obvious one is "Lost in Subspace" - the drive malfunctions and the crew has to figure out why and fix it.

(1b) First Constact

(1c) Emerge in an unknown place due to some natural phenomanon (i.e. supernova, black hole, subspace anaomoly, etc.)

(1d) To go where no man has gone before....

(2) I've not used it yet, but I'm a huge fan of Asimov's hyperdrive. It adds in a lot of interesting tactical stuff and gives a unique? edge for people with better technology.

I also like Babylon-% hyperspace and the traffic bottlenecks/limited accessabliilty issues it presents. I'm surprised they never dealt much with hyperspace-capable carrier ships, like the Guild transports from Dune.

(If you're going with hard TL 9, it'd probably take a lot longer than a month to reach near-c. Even with a TL 10 fusion torch at a constant 1 G burn, a ship would take two and a half months to reach even 10% c. Any greater accelleration and you're risking serious health problems with the crew. 1G constant is also convenient as it does away with the need for spinning modules or gravity tech.

Fuel-wise, remember the beauty of the ramscoop. It really saves on fuel. Only thing that ever struck me was how to have enough fuel to slow down after using the scoop to speed up.)

Hope that's at least mildly useful.
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