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Default Re: [LT] Refluffing Mail and Plate as Plate over Mail?

Originally Posted by Polydamas View Post
If you want to avoid the weight and DX penalty, wear Voiders and Gussets on your Arming Doublet. I don't think LT has stats for them, ones covering the inner elbows and armpits should be 20-30% as heavy and expensive as a Torso + Arms.
LT describes arming garments on pp.101-102. Stats for arming doublets with mail voiders are at the end of p.101. The section also has rules for what happens when you try wearing plate harness without an arming doublet. There are two practical examples of arming doublets in the Loadouts book ("15th-Century German Ritter", pp.39-40, and "16th-Century Italian Condottiere", pp.41-42).
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