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Originally Posted by Hobbit Feet View Post
I received my copy a few weeks ago. Itís a beautifully designed game and I have no qualms with the quality. However, it certainly doesnít seem like anyone played through the game extensively before putting the Kickstarter together. The rules are lacking detail and many of the actions seem to need clarification. I have played at least 3 games with 2 players and one with 4 players. Playing with 4 is much better. I love the game so far but there are issues.

The game needs more dice, perhaps 10 or 12 instead of 6. Otherwise you have to remember your rolls or write them down.

I find that itís much too easy to rack up fame points before even fighting the first level boss, let alone fighting him 3 times.

These are two of my main issues and I hope others will pitch in with their experiences or issues with the game.
I agree with the dice issue. I'm finding some issue with the treasure cards and their purpose. Especially the ones dealing with Meeples in your play area when there are no meeples in the game.

I've been tinkering with a solo play; Roll all six dice at the start of the resolve phase. Each single dagger side rolled pulls one threat card from the deck. So far it's worked out pretty well.
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