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Default Question about items

I've just bought the game and I am not clear on what cards I can put on the table as carried items as opposed to cards that I hold in my hand.

Curse, monster, and one-shot items etc...are held in my hand, correct?

Items I've equipped are laid out in front of me, while cards I am carrying are turned sideways on the table? I guess my confusion is what cards are acceptable to lay sideways.

Exampe: If I am an elf, can some of the cards that are turned sideways be items that only wizards can use? Is this a good way to accumulate enough cards to sell and level up, or barter with in case I need help with a monster? Also, if I have equipped a big item, I cannot carry a big item too, just a lot of small items?

I hope my questions make sense, I'm just trying to figure out the difference between cards facing the game, and cards that are turned sideways.
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