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Default Re: Celebrating my campaign's 200th session!

Originally Posted by Graham View Post
My players wryly complain that after 30 years they've only reached about that level. They were all about 6th level when we converted to GURPS about 10 years ago, and are now somewhere in the 230 to 280 point level.

Slow progress, yes, but I'm convinced it's a major reason why the campaign is still going strong. Their characters have developed a huge amount of depth unrelated to points cost. Memories accrue faster than skills.
What point total did they start out at? I might use you as an example to my current group as to why 2 points actually is a lot for a session (on average, I deal out 1.5 CP per 10 hours session).

I totally agree with that approach. Slow progression really builds character depth and makes for a lot of creative solutions to problems out of their league. The above reference was due to the fact that I had given out 200-300 xp per session for all that time, and at that point they needed 10 000 to advance a level.

I usually make a point out of telling the players who sign up to my campaigns that they are low-powered and relatively slow progressing.
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