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Originally Posted by ZooProfessor View Post
Here are our current house rules IQ 9 spells:
Weakness (T): Subtracts 2 from victim’s ST for every 1 ST the wizard uses to throw spell. Lasts 3 turns (1 turn if victim’s ST is 30 or more). A figure whose ST is reduced by a Weakness spell can still use weapons currently in hand even if he or she no longer has the ST while “weakened” required for the weapon, however that use is at -2DX. The figure can still wear the armor he or she is currently wearing even if “weakened” to a ST below that normally needed to use it. This is like fatigue for the purpose of damage taken--- you cannot kill a victim with this spell but if it lowers the subjects ST low enough it can cause unconsciousness--- during which time someone might kill him or her.
The 2 point reduction for each ST spent seems rather generous to me. I'd consider reversing them for 1 point penalty for each 2 ST put into the spell.
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