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Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
This is some good stuff. I'm seeing a pattern, though... clearly, cleric/divine magic plays a significant role in your game.

I'm also thinking that many of these would work well as 'rituals' (i.e. spells that cannot be cast in a single turn).
We only have two spells that can ONLY be cast by those with Priest or Theologian talents, but a bunch of spells that only cost wizard IQ/XP rates even if you are a hero if you are a priest of theologian. Also in our game a character with Priest or Theologian who is a wizard can have ONE weapon at the hero IQ/XP rate.

We were just looking to get some actual game benefits for those talents and to make the game a bit more interesting for religions.

I LOVE the idea of ritual spells though. I am writing a house rules book with the different religions in our game worlds and I think that idea would be excellent.

By the way, I was admiring all your spells today. Some of these will be making it into our grimoire! THANK YOU for sharing!
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