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Originally Posted by andreww View Post
It could be a turn or three later, as written. So you smack someone for 8, knock them down. Next turn they get up, but you disengage, third turn they step forward and smack you, *that* is there next action, it gets the -2 DX. I suppose that means if they chase you for a while before swinging it could be any number of turns.
I don’t think this is correct. For one, actions do not only involve dice rolls. Disengage, change weapons, etc are actions. The -2 penalty would affect when these actions happen. Second, the wording was discussed by SJ in the forum here (I think!), seeking to resolve whether the penalty applied for the remainder of the current turn, in which case a high DX figure wouldn’t care; or did it last until end of next turn, in which case low DX figure gets penalised twice; or next action, meaning the next opportunity to act. That way everyone is affected similarly.

It seems to me this penalty reflects a brief stun effect, not a potential everlasting latent curse. So to speak!

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