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Default Re: The cost of Zeroed

Originally Posted by Edges View Post
It's been pointed out in another thread that Zeroed can give some resistance to supernatural detection. I can see how that would be an advantage in some campaigns.

But the other aspect of Zeroed, no records, seems like double edged sword. Among other things, unless you also take Alternate Identity, you have no ID. Not having ID is a big disadvantage in many campaigns.

What was the thinking behind making Zeroed a flat point advantage rather than an UB, an advan/disadvan as determined by the GM, or a 0-point feature to which Resistant (Supernatural Detection) could be added?
Zeroed IMHO was underpriced in the Cyberworld book. If found out, a zeroed character would be arrested, almost surely be convicted on felony charges, do years in prison, have an identity of the state' choosing imposed on the charcter.

It was game mechanically, the 20 pt version of the Secret disadvantage. You just got cheated out of the extra points.

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