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Default Re: The Future of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game?

At present, the Dungeon Fantasy RPG is not on SJ Games wishlist. (The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line is, though.)

(Also, the wishlist link from the Getting Started page {} is broken.)

If I were picking up DF from raw, no-GURPS experience, I think I'd want to see at least a couple adventures on the same scale as a classic D&D module sitting next to the DF basic set... and on DrivethruRPG or at my FLGS, because if I'm not playing GURPS to begin with, I have practically zero reason to ever visit Warehouse 23.

Now? Here's my wishlist for the DFRPG (emphasis on wishing):

Monster cards (like these) and associated Cardboard Heroes. Thematic monster supplements would be pretty cool, too. (Court of the Dark Elves, Creatures from the Pit, The Sylvan War Host, stuff like that.)

How to do a megadungeon, and a worked example. Mostly I just want something like Peter's Felltower stuff.

How to do a hexcrawl, and a worked example.

Adventure paths or equivalent, with adventures that can be played out in a few sessions of 3-4 hours each.
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