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Default Re: The Future of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game?

The way I see it, the DFRPG suffered from an identity crisis. If you already played GURPS DF, you didn't need a streamlined version of the rules. And if you weren't already inclined to be a GURPS player, it didn't have anything new to pull you in. I've played GURPS since the 90's, and I backed the kickstarter, and I thought it was a well-packaged set that looked great - but for the DF campaign that I'm about to start, I just used the older DF rules and expansions. And that's probably where my money would go in future, truth be told; I don't need "rules lite" GURPS. It's a shame it didn't succeed, but I would hope that SJG will continue to give us Dungeon Fantasy expansions in the future, and not give up on the genre.
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