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Default Re: Gurps SOE Weapons?

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
I'd not heard of a copy of the supressed Sten, but stranger things have happened - like the Potsdam gerat. I'm not Skorzeny, but I would suspect that any "clandestine operation" that involves the enemy inspecting your equipment down to the armourer's stamps is a bad plan.
Sorry, realise I was a bit unclear there, multiple thoughts in my sentence that run together. I am not aware of any copies of the silenced version, just the copies of the standard version, and then their own last ditch version (which had the downward pointing magazine, and so definitely not intended to try and pass for an original) in the final stages of the war.

The story about the silenced version was just that some German (it might have been Skorzeny) was allegedly much impressed by the silenced sten. Some story about emptying one into a bush behind some other officers to show how quiet it was. However, as I understand it, that was *not* the way the silenced version was meant to be used, as the suppressor lost effectiveness within a burst quickly, and it would quickly wear out the suppressor as well. It was meant to be used semi-auto, and even then I think had a lifetime of a couple hundred rounds.

But yeah, I dont know what plan would rely on the armourer's stamps being correct (particularly given they were estimated by some to have made 10,000 of the things?), and even if that was the case, why not use stocks of captured stens, of which they had plenty?

As to the Welrod having the reputation of the quietest firearm ever made - I'd not heard that, but again, it may be so. Personally I suspect some of the modern captive bolt cartridges must be quieter, but who knows.
Maybe, wasn't aware of those.
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