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Default Re: GURPS ST vs real wold records

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Lifting ST is clearly marked as a Exotic Trait. It cannot be normally purchased by humans. An Unusual background or a Special Exercises Perk is required.

I know many people ignore this but they are in disagreeemnt with the RAW.

The only lifts that would not be affected by Arm ST (also Exotic but probably a lot more common in the Real World) would be things like Leg Presses or others where the weight is not held in the hands. I know about the importance of leg strength in lifting weights overhead but this is another cases where Gurps fits reality rather broadly.
Sort of. It may be exotic in GURPS Basic but if you look at GURPS Action, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, GURPS Martial Arts, etc the rules vary depending on the genre. Personally I don't think Lifting ST is particularly exotic - it's a good way of representing someone who does a lot of heavy lifting and toting but doesn't have improved striking power.
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