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Default Re: GURPS ST vs real wold records

Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
No, no one knows this because it is not true.
Of course it's true. Their "sport" (it's more like some "beauty" contest than actual sport) is concerned totally about how they look, not about what they can accomplish with their bodies. Strength training is just a way to build more muscle mass, and their strength (which is actually at least in 80% nervous system, max 20% of it comes from actual muscle mass) is just side effect. In comparison with real sportsmen from "strength sports" with comparable weight, their strength records are just pathetic. And I think it's true even when you compare them at their contest form, when they have riddiculously low body fat levels - but this is just a little piece of their lives, usually they are much bigger and fatter, when they build more muscle mass to the next contest. The fathers of the bodybuilding, like Sandow or Saxon, were much smaller, lighter, and stronger. Of course, strong bodybuilder exists - but they have backgrounds in power lifting etc. Bodybuilding per se is all about look, this is what decides about winning - not being strong. And people who train to being strong, will always be stronger than people who train to just look like strong. And their muscle mass is just a parasite, from the viewpoint of their organisms. Big, excessive muscles, which are very costly to just maintaining. That's why they must eat muuuuch food, and that's why they have to change their training so often - they have to constantly shock their organisms, because when the organism accomodate, it'll start optimisation proccess, and it means BURNING their beloved excessive musculature. So big muscles are just needless, and their organisms would keep just the mass they actually need. And people whose sports is about LIFTING weights, not just looking, usually don't have these problems, because they have as much muscles as they really need. So yes, relatively to their mass, bodybuilders are weak ;) And I'm not just a random guy who don't like bodybuilding - I was an amateur bodybuilder myself for about a year (then I learned that big muscles =/= big strength, so I went to actual sports), then I was a personal trainer for amateurs, and I was training with a lot of them, I know personally a few dozens of them (even a few professionals), so I think I know a thing or two about this ;) But I'm talking about actual bodybuilders - not about ordinary Joe who trains at the gym, they are very hard to classify and trains in so much variety of ways and targets, that it's impossible to tell something specific about them as a group.

TL;DR - if person A can lift 150 kg and person B can lift 150 kg, but person A weighs 90 kg and person B weighs 130 kg - person A is just stronger, relatively for her weight. And even often absolutely - because person A can do things (for example pull-ups and other feats with bodyweight as the resistance) which person B just can't, or can do much lesser repetitions of it. Bobybuilders have just much more muscle mass than they actually need for their strength levels :) They could be lighter and still have their strength - but it's not what their "sport" is about. And that's it. Oh, and they are often do many very isolated exercises, which have much lesser correspondence to "everyday strength" than complex moves emphasizing all muscles from particular chain - which are much more emphasized in the real sports.

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