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And then you have Ultimate Combat which, while it requires Trained by a Master and a 20 CP Unusual Background, makes an awesome Style!. A 500 CP unpowered superhero character with DX 20 and Style! (Ultimate Style) at DX+10 will probably destroy most combat situations against other 500 CP characters.
Kind of. DX 20 [200], Ultimate Style! DX+10 [144], Trained by a Master [30] & Unusual Background (Universal Style) [20] costs 394. That leaves a little over 150 to 200 points for everything else. So the PC will have relatively low striking power & durability. Assuming Ultimate Style! includes the cinematic skills he'll be capable of amazing stunts and can mow through low level mobs but will definitely have limitations. And note that Brawling at DX+15 costs only 56 points so a more conventional powerhouse (high DR & Striking ST) could shrug off blows and need just one good hit to take out Kung Fu guy. Still an interesting option.
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