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Default Re: [High-Tech] Recoil between shots/bursts for shotguns and High-Cyclic Controlled B

Originally Posted by vierasmarius View Post
I would want to avoid adding much in the way of extra rolls. Maybe just 1d6/2 to see how many of the 3 rounds hit. This is assuming that with HCCB all three rounds of the burst stay tightly grouped, rather than dispersing the way a shotgun blast does.
That's not a bad solution, but honestly, I don't mind just using Rcl 1 to simulate the effects of HCCB. I just don't like that you also get the normal RoF bonus to hit. If you treat 3 HCCBs in a second as 3 shots, that's a RoF bonus of 0 instead of +2 for 9 shots. Not a bad trade off with guns -- you can either choose HCCB setting for Rcl 1 on up to 9 shots but no RoF bonus OR you can fire at the weapon's non-HCCB ROF, have Rcl 2 and get the normal RoF bonus.

I care more about the game mechanical choices than I do the realism level here. GURPS is already 1x10^5 more realistic than any other system I've actually played, so if I defer somewhat to gamism every so often, no skin off my teeth!
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