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Default Re: [High-Tech] Recoil between shots/bursts for shotguns and High-Cyclic Controlled B

Originally Posted by lexington View Post
HCCB is just another place where any simple system for estimating shot spread is going to fall apart.

One possible way to do it is like this:
When you set a gun to HCCB is has Rcl 2. Determine if you will hit normally.
If you hit roll to see how much of the burst hits. Treat this as another attack made with Skill 22+Acc (whether you aimed or not) modified only by Range and SM and with Rcl 1.
I would want to avoid adding much in the way of extra rolls. Maybe just 1d6/2 to see how many of the 3 rounds hit. This is assuming that with HCCB all three rounds of the burst stay tightly grouped, rather than dispersing the way a shotgun blast does.
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