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Default Re: Scope and format of world data sheets in SF

Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen View Post
The colours look fine and readable on my 1600x1200 traditional TFT monitor. I'll try it out on my iPad or iPhone later, but changes are it'll look good there too.
Thanks. With respect to tablets, the issue by which I am most exercised is the tables overlapping their columns and obscuring one another.

I still miss a "relative" indicator on apparent sun size.
In the "Celestial objects" block, in the row labelled "sun", the apparent size of the sun is given in full moon widths.

And is there any kind of indication of the amount of solar energy that reaches ground level? I'd imagine that plays a large role for the "sense of place" element.
The "visual illumination" entry tells you how much does so in visible form. IR and UV from the sun aren't listed.

That would also enable the prodcution of compact planet profiles, very much liek Traveller's Planetary Profile system, although incorporating many more stats than just the a-bit-more-than-half-a-dozen used by Classic Traveller. Which in turn would necessitate some kind of formal spacing system (e.g. a slash after the first 6-item block, then 9 items then a hyphen then 7 more items), because an ultra-comact "stat block" with more than 8 or 9 single-digit stats ceases to be Human-readable.
I have always thought that Traveller's UPPs were a singularly bad way of presenting data: arcane and opaque. Which variable is which? What do the values mean?. Their sole virtue was saving paper and ink, which is hardly an issue any more. World Information Sheets presented here to be what UPPs ought to have been: a succinct but accessible summary of the essential minimum information about a world. The fact that I have 128 items to Traveller's six ought to give you the hint that I think as poorly of UPPs' content as of their presentation.

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