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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)


This is the national instrument of several of the Sword Worlds. It is a revival of a varient of the violin popular in Norway on ancient Terra. Luthiers in the Sword Worlds often spend long lengths of time on individual Hardangers and decorate them elaborately. If it is made on commission or a special edition made for advertising it may incorporate expensive materials.


Gungnir Eagle: This is a bird found in the mountains of Gungnir. It is part of the lore of the planet and has many legends told of it including a tale that these were descended from the Eagles of Manwe.

Despite the fact that they have been on Gungnir as long as any can remember they are actual eagles, that is they are large raptors with a genetic connection to the bird on earth. Those fond of cliche mysteries ascribe that to "meddling by the Ancients" but others shrug their shoulders.

Like other raptors it is capable of semi domestication at the hands of a trained falconer. They can be bred in captivity on other planets but wild Gungnir born eagles captured in adolescence draw the best price and there is a local subculture of expeditions high in the Mountains to make captures.

Gungnir Eagles are found in the aviaries of prominent people throughout the Marches and beyond.
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