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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

What is "real" land:

Aslan discussion over what constitutes "real" land is Serious Business. The ideal of course is something like the imagined heroic past on Kuzu: a grassland ranch and/or hunting park. Aslan are not as fond of dramatic elevation features as humans though they do not mind them as a way to occasionally diversify terrain. Other rural biomes are less than ideal but acceptable. Urban land is not really land unless it is an actual park-like estate. Land at the bottom of a body of water or on a world with an uninhabitable atmosphere is in the best-one-can-do category. Space stations are never land.

Westerns and Aslan. Aslan actually have a fondness for the Western genre of ancient American cinema. The features such as rolling plains, and other natural visages and heroic fights appeal to them. They also like some of the things culturally associated with them like country music and the meat-heavy cuisines like Texan and Barbecue. In certain cases the subculture has been painstakingly preserved by artists and scholars and kept alive at theme saloons.
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