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Default Re: What if all skills were average difficulty?

Originally Posted by Dingle View Post
Having the full skill list is handy because I still need to distinguish the Air Force Theoretical Astrophysicist from the ex-special forces Colonel who dabbles in astronomy, who in turn needs to be distinguished from the Alien General.
A good observation. The guys on the infantry squad or spec-ops team differentiate on their specialties (marksman, demolitions, driver, security, etc), but they all have the same core package. So the core needs to avoid including the specialty differences.

In most TV shows, the sciences and engineering tend to be all lumped together. So those are often good candidates for wildcards.

Originally Posted by kirbwarrior View Post
There's a handful of skills (I'm pretty sure exactly five) that are specifically built around how difficulty works
Which five (just so I have an idea of what you mean)? The unarmed skills with damage bonuses based on relative level?
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