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Pak 43 -- Heavy Cycle w/CA Frame, Light suspension, Small Cycle power plant w/SC, 10-pt CA (Power Plant), 2 Motorcycle Heavy-Duty Radial tires, Cyclist w/BA and 10-pt CA, Anti-Tank Gun Front w/10 shots HEAT, Plastic Armor: F8, B3, Acceleration 5, Top Speed 90, HC 1, 1299 lbs., $6132

My buddy designed this years ago. But he took it to the next level when he traced the picture of the ATG from the UA catalog, then put wheels, handlebars, and a seat on it

Originally Posted by Racer View Post
Silliest design I can recall from early days of CW was a Van with a Turreted ATG and no Armour . More recently any of the $30K Motorcycles or $40K Subcompacts on Combat Garage Stock Vehicles can be dismissed as ridiculous , except when posted purely for comedic value . My bright yellow Paint Gun armed 'Bananamobile' Rev Trike for example ...
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