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Anglish seems to cover too much of Ytarria. It's also a little weird that an empire formed by a Byzantine has no Greek... So:

-> Pontin, a language popular with the Megalan court and south of Megalos. Learned by many who seek to advance socially. Descended from Pontic Greek.
-> Jutt, common north of Megalos and in parts of the Nomad Lands. Descended from Norse.
-> Anglik, common west of the Blackwoods and in most of Caithness. Descended from Old English.
-> Axon, common between the Blackwoods and Emperor's Forest, as well as Western Cardiel. Descended from Old Saxon.
-> Caltan, common along the Mare Medium. Descended from Catalan.
-> Provensal, which replaces Aralaise (though Aralaise is still the demonym), and is also common in Eastern Cardiel. Descended from Occitan.
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