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Default Re: Dance Limitation on Magery

High skill never eliminates the need for dancing. So, a Dance mage can never get away with "stealth" casting. That's often been important in games I've been in, and sometimes mages buy up their skill levels just to hit level 20 (the lowest "concentrate only" level). So part of the cost is "Skill doesn't reduce ritual requirements as per RAW".

Even at lower levels, the normal casting rituals are pretty minor ("a word or two" or "a small gesture (a couple of fingers are enough)" at level 15, which is a pretty typical base skill level even for 150-point mages.) So dancing is already more obvious.

Also, dancing is more restrictive -- you need some area around you. (Though you might allow a single hex if it's clear, GMs might rule you need even more room than that, as in these real or fictional examples, where the dancer takes up at least 2-3 yards of space, even though they're both pretty sedate.) And the dancer needs a reasonable floor surface on which to dance, lest you need DX rolls to avoid falling (or worse). Being able to dance is more limiting than simply "not paralyzed".

It also implies your hands are free for expressive use (and when not free, often because they're occupied with ritual props).
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