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Originally Posted by crretin View Post
wait... it exists already? crap... I thought I was being creative....
Don't think of it like that. Think of it as great minds thinking alike. You independently came up with an idea that when developed produced a pretty good game.

Super-Spies Like Us: Relive the history of the Cold War...sort of...through a James Bond lens, fighting Communist powers, third world dictators, and evil tycoons as well as the forces of the Third Way, starting with trying to get a defecting physicist out in the middle of the Berlin Airlift and ending with a climactic attempt by the now elderly super spies to stop the Third Way from taking over a collapsing Soviet Union...if the campaign lasts that long. Along the way you'll visit all of the high and low points of Cold War history...all of them distorted away from what really happened.

No Man's Land: A century ago in a great war between the kingdoms of Gaulle and Alleman the borders were blasted by the combined curse casting of the sorcerers of both sides, creating a No Man's Land between both nations, a zone filled with traps and undead or mutated monsters and out of that devastation a peace created just by the impossibility of moving significant numbers of troops across such hostile terrain. The characters live in a dangerous frontier town inhabited by those who patrol the frontier for stray monsters, or know the few safe paths to the other side for a bit of smuggling or espionage. But something is up on the other side of the Land...

Solum: In this generational game set in a somewhat magical alternate Earth, the first generation are those Romans who have been entrusted with the books of prophecy recorded from the predictions of the last and greatest Sybil of Rome, ordered destroyed by the Emperor because of its prediction of the fall of Rome and many catastrophes to follow. Their mission is to travel to the farthest reaches of the Empire, and there found the seed of a Second (and greater) Empire which will incorporate all of the lands of the old empire within a thousand years and go on to unite the planet in peace and order by 20th century. Unless of course it all goes off the rails.

As you can see I'm in a "let's rewrite history" mood.
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