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Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Near Death: The characters are people who have experienced near-death experiences and discover that they now have the power to see, hear and interact with normally invisible and intangible spirit entities, and to astrally project and use powers in the astral realm inspired by how they died. And so does anyone else who has ever had a near-death experience, including a secret society who have made bargains with the darkest kinds of spirits and are eliminating anyone who doesn't join their society.
Not even enough for a campaign framework, but it's something I thought of recently that could be interesting for fictional exploration:
When someone is brought back from the brink of death, they often have a life-changing epiphany. What if that's because they come back with a soul, not necessarily the one they left with? Since most people (living and dead) are neither saints nor fiends, this usually causes minor changes in outlook easily brushed off as being scared straight, realizing one has but one life to live, etc. If the soul is mostly subconscious, and the conscious (biophysical) mind is free to act upon or fight the urges and nature of the soul, this could be terrifying, especially to the poor fellow who has suddenly wound up with the soul of a mass murderer.
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