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Default Re: Martial Arts Style Talent

Originally Posted by Infornific View Post
This came up in the previous thread. The problem is that styles vary enormously in scope - Masters of Defense covers a lot more skills than some of the Karate variants. So Wildcard skills might be well priced for broader styles but overpriced for something like Boxing. Talents would be more easily scaled to the breadth of his style.

Pricing Talents is pretty simple. The Talent should include all the Skills of the style and possibly some of the optional skills. So a Talent for La Verdadera Destreza would include Expert Skill (Natural Philosophy), Mathematics TL2 (Pure) and Rapier. That's 3 skills or a 5 point/level Talent. Maybe toss in Body Language as well.
The style tables on the GURPS Martial Arts page shows this. Not only is there the main style cost with Ninjutsu (more a profession than a style) clocking in at 15, Techniques (26) and cinematic skills (14 with Ninjutsu)

Some styles have so few skills that a Talent is not much good and is actually counter productive.
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