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Default Re: Tech books are cumulative

Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
I'm not worried about whether published rules miss something. I'm trying to see whether people consider the tech books as a single catalog you need the previous one before you can fully stock equipment of a given tech level or whether people are content just to have the tech book covering the tech level of their game.
I focus on the needed equipment but as the GM I have all the relevant books so just tell my players the stats for whet they ask for.

A tech book for the right period has most of whats needed, especially combat gear as that changes rapidly.
For much equipment the stats change little except for price so reprinting would be seen was wasted space for most readers.
Long as I have the references of Table of Contents, Index, and with PDF a search function plus I can use the section outline in my left nav bar I am content.
Its Pyramid searches that kill most of my time, luckily thats not a lot of hear though. Pyramid gave us a lot of material we would never have seen though and the themed issues help so worth that to me.

Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
I guess the question just isn't very clear, since most people seem to be drifting off topic. Sorry about that. I'm not sure how else to put it.
It happens a lot and we have lost many good regulars who still play or write for GURPS that visit the forums less or not at all because of it.
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