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Default [HT] Hypothetical Multi-Purpose Shotgun Slug

Hey all,

So, I don't post frequently enough for ya'll to have picked up on this, but I L-O-V-E love GURPS shotguns. Like, they are hands down my favorite kind of weapon, and a lot of my characters that probably shouldn't use them end up doing so because I just love them so gosh darn much. It all started with a velocity-boosted Gauss CAW with HEMP rounds and an extended magazine with an integral non-rechargeable power cell, and the rest was history.

Having watch quite a few Taofledermaus videos on Youtube, the idea of a custom round formed in my head. A solid lead or steel slug with a tungsten carbide penetrator for defeating armor. My question is how realistic is this sort of shell, could it work, and, most importantly, how would one stat it in GURPS. I whipped up the attached graphic in MSPaint in about 10 minutes to better illustrate the idea, which is (of course) not to any kind of exacting specificity.

The basic idea is that when the slug strikes, the WC rod strikes first and continues through targets too tough for the slug to penetrate. On softer targets, the slug strikes as it normally would, not sacrificing wound potential. The polycarbonate sleeve makes separation easier for the WC rod and equalizes the additional density of the denser material, giving the slug the same overall density and thus (hopefully) virtually identical aerodynamics and performance.

Here's hoping the fantastic Mr. Cole is trolling the forums,

Thanks everyone for listening to me gush, ya'll are still the absolute best,

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