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Default Re: [AtE]Best bang for your Warlord buck?

I always recommend the muzzle loading flintlock rifle - produced for generations in individual shops with hand tools (still are in some parts of the world, and not just by historical recreationist hobbyists), routinely maintained on the frontiers of civilization by local smiths, accurate enough for long range hunting, for which they were used on said frontiers for all that period, replacing bows pretty much everywhere they came available, and occasionally pulled out of armories and returned to service in substantial numbers after decades. If you can produce any sort of gun, you can make these, so there is no reason to go with anything less capable, and given that they stayed in service until well after the introduction of brass cartridges, doing better apparently needs a lot of industrialization.

There are some worthwhile improvements that weren't universal historically - conical touch-holes, minne balls, socket bayonets, and a multi-peep hole or ramp adjustable "ghost ring" sight are probably good ideas - but the basic design is hard to beat for performance vs. pre-industrial production costs.
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