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Default Re: [AtE]Best bang for your Warlord buck?

First off this idea skirts around the original question somewhat or indeed replaces it, so feel free to ignore it.

Why would a warlord be making the best guns for the situation?

Wouldn't they rather be making weapons that serve their personal requirements best, as interpreted by the individual(s) who are doing the designing and manufacturing.

For example an Air Rifle might be useful as it requires less logistics, but conversely a warlord might prefer to have his(or her) goons reliant on the ammunition he or she provides.

Related to that is the person or people doing the manufacturing and designing. The armourer might be most comfortable constructing revolvers for example and every weapon he makes is based of a revolver mechanism regardless of whether it is a pistol or rifle. Equally important is the armourers opinions, they could decide that a large sight radius is critical and insist that all the rifles are long barreled like Kentucky long rifles or Jazails. Similarly they might decide that all the goons are morons and shouldn't have anything more complicated that a multibarrel break action, even if the metallurgy isn't quite reliable.

A third issue is surpluses, while this seems odd to think of in an AtE environment, people will generally tend to use what they have.
For example, there might be hundreds of a specific automotive part available to a particular warlord, this piece of hardened steel could have a series holes that make it perfect for an accordian rifle.

Or going back to your original question, how about a lever/pump/bolt action repeater that fires a pistol caliber round because of the lower stresses on gun parts.
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