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Default Re: [HT] Grenades fuse

The issue at hand here is that the GM was too generous with actions.

Usually to pick up grenade and throw it you need to:

1. Change Posture (Kneeling)
2. Ready maneuver to pick the grenade up
3. Throw maneuver to throw it

As you can see, if the grenade was cooked for at least 1 second, which it usually is since Ready Maneuver is taken to activate it and it is tossed on second turn, the grenade would explode and kill the man picking it up.

And escaping from a shack is usually a move maneuver to approach the window and another to jump through. So even if he threw the grenade and it didnt explode, his friends would need at least 1 more maneuver to get back inside of the shack.
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