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Default Re: [HT] Grenades fuse

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Not really more rolls, you are only keeping a track of when the grenade is and when it goes off.
The extra rolls are for OODA loop. What Tactical Shooting calls Situational Awareness.

When my group first encountered this 'problem' we solved via extra Perception rolls... but if you're rolling to recognize grenades, why aren't you rolling for everything else? So now, suddenly everyone is making a Perception roll every turn, usually at penalty, and combats started to turn grindy and slow.

So I solved it by hand waving grenade timing. Pretty much solved the problem for almost everyone.

Originally Posted by MrFix View Post
Grenades and by extension explosives do add a lot more rolls. Most of my games grind to a halt when things explode.

You need to calculate SEPARATE damage for each person in the blast.
I simplify that by using different coloured dice. Yes, it's not as fast as just counting the damage up once and moving on, but it's still one roll with an accumulated count as you count out from blast center.
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