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Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
No. Generally it's handwaved because, as I said, people in real life die to grenades, but no GURPS Character will die to a grenade when they have 2-4 seconds to move out of the blast zone before it goes off.


Yeah, that's RAW. But as I noted, by RAW GURPS Character have way more acuity and reaction time in combat than real life, so most GMs handwave the timing. If you don't, I'm surprised that any character suffers from a grenade blast.
Probably true with two spherical Characters dueling each other on a featureless plane.

In actual play, when grenades were used in my games, both by and against PC, that mostly wasn't a concern because

--the target(s) didn't notice the grenade (or only some of them did), either due to battle confusion or because someone used stealth and rolled a grenade toward them from behind.

--the target(s) couldn't move out of the blast zone in time or without putting themselves in higher danger.
Eithee because it would take them out of cover, or in one game, when a player lobbed a grenade through an open vehicle window...

--the purpose of the grenades was to make the target(s) move

--several grenade were thrown, covering a large area

And the few seconds delay, in cinematic games, may also allow fancy moves like a brute jumping on the grenade to protect the others players, or someone catching the grenade and throwing it back (and, in one memorable case, seeing it thrown back again ... )
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