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Default Re: A Question of Strength.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
No. Lifting skill would be based on another attribute. Alternately, there could just be a skill or advantage that straight-up increases your ST for a particular class of action (basically lifting ST with a limitation) and doesn't get rolled at all.
OK, but in the former what would you set Max lift at i.e. the amount you lift with a successful lift skill roll?

I do agree with your point about not basing skill off ST (ST is already in there with BL after all freeing taking other things into account). Personally I think EE/ST lifts based on a penalised roll to set a specific goal that you either succeed of fail at is better than the basic ST based roll to "see how much I can lift this time" roll. I think it's not only a better system in game, but a better approximation of RL.

The non skill roll attribute seems to suggest that the max lift is an automatic value So I guess you'd take your total relevant ST and calculate lifts off its relevant BL, (would you still allow for EE to have an effect).

All in all you seem to be removing lifting skill as both the qualifier and quantifier of ability in that it not only decides success or not but also has a direct impact on amount of ability.

Don't get me wrong there are questions about variability in how GURPS skills roll and how that variability equates to added effect with lifting compared to RL*. But I do think the core premise that increased skill in lifting will generally speaking increase the amount you can lift isn't wrong.

Ultimately though I think this is going to come down to how much of a roll we think technique has in lifting in RL (and TBF that can also be a matter of the specific lifts involved!)

Anyway as always an interesting subject that not only touches on the GURPS system and how it does stuff but also RL stuff as well!



*IMO those question can be somewhat mitigted by loking at skill & stat levels, but thst doesn't remove the questions.
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