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Default Re: Should all spells be equally easy to learn?

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Hi CarWarsE, Everyone.
The wording of Remove Thrown Spells (RTSpells) could use some tweaking. It says, "...Has no effect on spells other than Thrown type, on magical items, or on the Spell Shield."

By this wording, I take it to mean that RTSpells, can not effect magic items, nor can it effect the Spell Shield spell.

But what about items that replicate Thrown Spell effects? If an item costs 1 fatigue ST per turn to cast a Stone Flesh on me, (a thrown spell), is the spell broken until more fST is spent to power it? I assume that the RTSpells won't destroy the enchantment, but what about the spell the enchantment casts?

Warm regards, Rick.
I always played it that an item doesn't actually cast a spell, just conveys the benefit, so remove thrown spells has no effect on a stone flesh ring.

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