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Default Re: Should all spells be equally easy to learn?

Originally Posted by CarWarsE View Post
In general, I think higher costs for some spells would be appropriate. In particular, I'd like to see a change to Remove Thrown Spell. It just seems too easy to remove an opponent's +5 armor protection or some similar thing for only 2 ST. I'm inclined to think that removing enchantments should either be a separate spell, or more difficult to throw on more strongly enchanted items.
Hi CarWarsE, Everyone.
The wording of Remove Thrown Spells (RTSpells) could use some tweaking. It says, "...Has no effect on spells other than Thrown type, on magical items, or on the Spell Shield."

By this wording, I take it to mean that RTSpells, can not effect magic items, nor can it effect the Spell Shield spell.

But what about items that replicate Thrown Spell effects? If an item costs 1 fatigue ST per turn to cast a Stone Flesh on me, (a thrown spell), is the spell broken until more fST is spent to power it? I assume that the RTSpells won't destroy the enchantment, but what about the spell the enchantment casts?

Excuse me CarWarsE, I forgot about the rule hidden away on AW page 37, under "De–Enchanting Magical Items", where it says, "Remove Thrown Spells will negate the Weapon/Armor Enchantment (w/ae) bonuses to DX, damage or hits stopped, but will not affect magic items created by other spells." This rule is repeated on page 38 under "Destruction of Magic Items". These two rules in the back, contradict the spell write up in Remove Thrown Spells, which says that that spell does not effect magic items.

The Lesser and Greater Magic Item Creation spells are not really like the other creation spells (they are special spells for one thing), so I changed their names to "Lesser Magic Item Enchantment" (LMIE) and "Greater Magic Item Enchantment" (GMIE) spells. The Enchantment spell, w/ae is a thrown spell, but it made more sense to me as be a special spell like LMIE and GMIE. (For one thing, it has enchantment in its name. For another thing, it is unique in that it is the only Thrown spell that has a permanent effect. Basically it didn't feel very Thrown Spell like, to me.) Once I made it a special spell, it stopped being effected by Remove Thrown Spells.

So in my campaign Remove Thrown Spells does not affect the items made with w/ae.

Anyway, I agree with you. Disenchanting a magic item with an IQ 14 spells for only 2 fST seems weird to me. It is extra confusing because the spell write up contradicts the later rules.

Warm regards, Rick.

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