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Default Insubstantiality - Make harder to learn.

Hi all,
I've never been fond of the Insubstantiality spell. Wizard casts it and sticks his head thru doors to see what is on other side. Wizard walks thru walls to avoid high security check points, etc. etc.

It is an IQ 17 spell, cost 4 fatigue ST (fST) to cast and 2 fST per turn to maintain. So I don't feel it is too cheap, or unbalanced. IQ 17 spells should rock and double maintenance cost is significant.

But I find that its use makes easy, a lot of things that I (as a GM) would prefer to stay hard.

So I suggest that this spell, could be made:

IQ 17
T Insubstantiality (2)
... and so, requires double effort to learn. (If it is decided that such spells require two memory IQ slots, that would not hurt my feelings either).

Discussion is welcome.


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