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Default Re: Ramming Speed vs Throwing Speed with a side order of Log ST

I would go with 10 levels as it's Log10, and not Log15.

That sorta moves into my idea where we have to change the damage at certain intervals.

Say, LogST 20, being 10x as strong as LogST 10, but only doing 3x as much damage, gets a boost from 3d to say 4d, and then the damage changes to +2/level. At 30, instead of it being 13d, since it's supposed to be 10x as strong as 20, we boost it to 20d, and each level is a die. Instead of ST 40 being 30d, we make it 50d, and each level gives 2 dice.

So, Pink Light's ST 35 would be base 25d, with Striking LogST 40 being 50d. Obviously, she wouldn't need the Striking LogST.

So 20 would be 4d, +2 dmg/ST, x2 to throwing range.
30 would be 10d, +1d dmg/ST, x5 to throwing range.
40 would be 20d, +2d dmg/ST, x10 to throwing range.
50 would be 40d, +3d dmg/ST, x20 to throwing range.
60 would be 70d, +5d dmg/ST, x50 to throwing range.
70 would be 120d, +10d dmg/ST, x100 to throwing range.

I think, at that point, raising the cost of LogST to 15 (or 20) would be fair.

Edit X:
A LogST 30 is an old ST of 100, with a th/sw of 11d/13d.
A LogST 40 is an old ST of 317, with a th/sw of 32d/34d.
A LogST 50 is an old ST of 1,000, with a th/sw of 101d/103d.
A LogST 60 is an old ST of 3,163, with a th/sw of 317d/319d.

So, the damage curve isn't in line with the old ST, but I think it may be playable. Going to do some maths to check on throwing.

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