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Default Re: Ramming Speed vs Throwing Speed with a side order of Log ST

Sorry, at work, major issue I had to deal with when I walked in. It’s better now.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
It's not *that* major. Just need to rewrite the damage table.
Well, it is major, because that would require the costs to be re-balanced as well. If we made the increase, say, +1d as opposed to +1 per level of LogST (which I think ramps up wa-ay to fast), we’d have to re-calculate the cost of Striking LogST, from 1 to, probably 4. That would take lifting ST down to 4 as well. But, that would break the lower levels of LogST.

What follows is a stream-of-consciousness, looking for an answer.

But, let’s change it from +1 per level to +2 for damage (starting at LogST 10). Every other level is a full die increase. That’s still pretty brutal, especially at the low levels. Pink Light’s Striking LogST of 40 would be . . . 15d+2/16d. But, a ST 12 would be 1d+2/2d and 14 would be 2d+2/3d. That [i]still[i/] seems too fast for non-supers to me.

If we kept the original LogST damage progression up to ST 16 (base human hard maximum for LogST), then increased it by +2 per level that would give Pink Light a damage of 14d/14d+2. I don’t like having asymmetrical damage progression values, though because we get caught in the old 3e trap of ST costing a different amount depending on how much you have.

Maybe the answer is that LogST has to cost more. Say 20 points per level. It would still be expensive. Pink Light’s LogST 35 would cost her a base of 500 points as opposed to the current base 250. We could then increase the damage curve to +1d per level, if we wanted, but, that still seems cheesy.

Or, maybe, we give LogST characters a discount when purchasing Super Throw. A couple of levels of that would even out the curve pretty aggressively. Pink Light, with 4 levels of Super throw (and her base LogST distance) could throw the van 336 yards and would do (8d +9/die, +72) 28d+2. Granted, that van, as a slam would be doing 228d of damage . . . but, that seems more in line with our other maths.

Edit: The I-Beam, would do 21d+2 in that throw, with 4 levels of Super Throw.

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