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Default Re: Modern Monster Hunting Guns [XM500, MICOR Leader 50, etc.]

Nice right up,

But in terms of stats would you not be better of with the Alexander Arms .50 (maybe with an extended magazine, and FA conversion if you really wanted it)? You've lost a point of Bulk and Rcl* I guess but I think I'd prefer 6d+1 pi+.

Also will you not have issue with sub sonic and hollow point together occasionally causing the hollow points not to expand (you could go with glasers anyway of course) I maybe wrong about that with heavy rounds though?

Another way to go is 10g magnum rifled slugs, but until someone makes a 10g with detachable box magazine, capacity is an issue (as is of course recoil for hitting more than once a turn), but 8d-2* pi++ is hard to argue with.

*or 7d+1 depending on how you run the numbers.

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