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Default Re: Modern Monster Hunting Guns [XM500, MICOR Leader 50, etc.]

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Hmm good point (range seem high as well)
Anecdotal evidence suggests that 20" barrel .50 BMG rifles are extremely unpleasant to shoot and perform fairly poorly, as much of the propellant does not burn inside the barrel. Cue fireball, concussion that slams you in the face like a donkey's punch and a loss of ca 450-600 fps of muzzle velocity (-15% to 20%).

This means that Range and Dmg ought to be reduced from a 29" barrel for any short-barrelled .50 BMG platform.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
True but at ST14 your likely to be carrying .50 Mags like someone with ST10 carries 7.62 mags
In a Monster Hunter scenario, you had better be!
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