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Default Re: Any GURPS stats for black holes, pulsars, etc?

Originally Posted by DataPacRat View Post
All in all, it looks like as long as the speedster stays outside of the star itself, it can handle the heat.

... So, anyone care to estimate the damage from going /into/ a star? :)
Found a possible starting point: 3e's Vehicles Expanion 1, and its formula for crush depth and test depth. Assuming that the wall shield pushes back against a star's matter, that it sticks close to the speedster's surface, and counts as an extra-heavy frame; and that every 11 yards of depth equates to a pressure of 14.5 psi; then the speedster's shield has a test depth that can handle a pressure of 234 gigapascals without a qualm, and a crush depth of 468 gigapascals.

What I haven't been able to find are any sources on pressures to be found inside a star, with one exception - that the centre of the sun is around 26,500 gigapascals. So at least we don't have to consider a speedster that can swim around throughout a star entirely unscathed. :)

The closest I've found to a depth-to-pressure chart is here, which is actually depth-to-density.

About the closest I've got to a plot-worthy result is something along the lines of "If you turn on a Bergenholm inertialess generator within a star's gravity well without turning on your drives, your ship is immediately drawn to its surface just as if the star had a tractor beam drawing you towards it. Your shields can resist the surface of the star's heat, light, and pressure for at least a couple of seconds, so make a skill roll to point your ship away from the star and turn on the drive before anything worse happens than the paint starts to singe..."
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