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Default GURPS Martial Arts adventure set in TL2 220 B.C. China online Tuesday evenings

We are playing a GURPS 4th ed. Martial Arts game set in TL2 220 B.C. China.

Iím running a Martial Arts adventure. 300 points. Up to -150 Disadvantages and -5 Quirks. Iron Age tech level 2 set in 220 B.C. China. We will use GURPS Basic Set 4th ed. and the 4th ed. Martial Arts book. Cinematic and Realistic Martial arts, Psionics (Psionic Powers 4th ed. book) and Magic (4th ed.) are allowed. Normal mana in most places.

We play Tuesday nights 6:30 pm Pacific/9:30 pm Eastern for two hours, or longer, if everyone else can play longer. Cinematic Martial Arts allowed (with Trained by a Master [30] or Weapon Master [20/25/30/35/40/or 45 points]. Magic and Psionics (4th ed.) are allowed. If you want Exotic or Supernatural Advantages or Disadvantages, you need to get the GM's permission. This is a Cinematic game with the "Flesh Wounds" rule on p. B417.

Email GM Paolo if you're interested.

GM Paolo
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